White Diamond Home Fair for Sellers and Buyers

For Home Sellers and Transitional Buyers, the White Diamond Home Fair Delivers 

What is a home fair? 

A home fair is a one-stop shop for buyers and sellers. It's a networking and problem-solving event where pros from all facets of home buying and selling gather in one place to offer insight, advice, and services. A White Diamond Realty home fair takes it a step further, providing targeted solutions for both experienced buyers purchasing a second home or investment property and sellers navigating the complicated gap between selling one home and buying another.  

It goes without saying that home buying and selling are stressful milestones. The goal of a home fair is to save the time you'd spend on the phone, online, and driving to appointments. On June 10, from 12 to 4, all the information you'll need will be under one roof at the White Diamond Realty Home Fair for Buyers and Sellers at The Lofts at University Town Center, 125 Granville Square in Morgantown.  

White Diamond is working hard to make it a friendly, fun, and informative event. You'll meet with real estate professionals, home inspectors, mortgage lenders, attorneys, and other vendors to learn about the latest trends, market conditions, and best practices for buying or selling a home. In an ever-changing and ultra-competitive market, seasoned buyers still need guidance and sellers need to add value. At the White Diamond home fair, you'll find expertise to help you achieve your goals.  

Expert insight and community support 

Your home is not only the biggest financial investment of your life, it's also an emotional investment. It's your place of comfort and rest and where you spend quality time with friends and loved ones. Given the role your home plays, whether you're buying or selling, making informed decisions is crucial.  

Homeowners are a bridge to community wellness. When home ownership is high and the local market is healthy, communities prosper. At White Diamond, we pride ourselves in not only providing excellent service to our clients and customers but also supporting our community as a whole. 

Our dedication showed during an unprecedented period in the real estate industry with the arrival of COVID-19. During the pandemic, White Diamond maintained its commitment to buyers, sellers, and the surrounding region. Although the market shifted dramatically, people still needed to buy and sell homes, so we pivoted, offering a virtual home fair and then a smaller one, open-air style, in our parking lot. We're excited to present our first full-fledged in-person home fair to support area buyers, sellers, and the community. 

Benefits of attending a home fair 

In addition to visiting with a variety of vendors, attendees can attend any of four learning sessions. For sellers, White Diamond’s broker and real estate market expert Melissa Hornbeck will speak on best practices for selling a home while simultaneously shopping for and buying one, whether locally or out of the area.  

Two separate sessions will address challenges specific to renters who are exploring purchase options. Melanie Thompson with Huntington Bank will present strategies for student-debt holders to buy instead of rent. Melissa Hornbeck will outline the pros, cons, and steps for making an educated decision regarding home buying versus renting.  

The fourth session will be an open discussion with an expert panel including a title attorney, lender, insurance agent, inspector, and REALTOR®. This is a prime opportunity to get those nagging questions answered and loose ends resolved so you can move forward with confidence.  

The White Diamond Realty Home Fair promises to deliver a convenient opportunity for both home buyers and sellers to get a comprehensive overview of the real estate market and connect with experts. Mark your calendars for June 10, 12-4, at The Lofts at University Town Center to take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn, network, and grow your real estate knowledge. 


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